How to Repair Rotted Wood Garage Door Frame?

Rotting door frames is a common problem because they are in direct contact with both good and bad weather. It is very easy for the door frame to begin rotting within a few years. It is difficult to repair a garage door made of rotten wood. You can still do it if you follow these instructions and be careful.

The Garage Door is often neglected, for we don’t pay enough attention to them. Rotting wood can be caused by many factors. There are two main reasons wood rots: moisture and fungi. There are approximately 5 million types of fungal species in the soil and air around us.

Wood rot can be divided into two categories. There are two types of wood rot: wet rot, and dry rot.

Wet rot occurs naturally when timber is exposed to high levels of moisture. It is found in wood with a moisture level of between 35% and 50%.

Wood can rot due to fungus. There are many types, but Coniophora Puteana (also known as cellar fungus) is the most widespread.

Dry rot can also be caused by fungus. It is found in wood with less than 20% moisture.

Tools required to repair door frame:

·         Putty knife

·         Paint Brush

·         Sand Paper

·         Chisel and hammer

·         Polyester filler

·         Wood hardener

·         Hand glyphs

Step 1: Inspect the garage door frame

Examine the wood for signs of wood rot to determine the source. This is important because it will prevent future wood rot.

Garage Door Frame Rockwall TX decay starts in the lower portion, as this is the most likely to come into contact with water. It will eventually disintegrate in the upper portion if it isn’t stopped immediately. The following are the main signs of rotting in any wood.

Mycelium growth: Mycelium growth is the first sign that wood rot has occurred. It is either gray or white in color. Mycelium growth continues to increase day by day. Its main cause is moisture.

Paint crack: When a layer of paint is applied to your door frame, it can cause the paint to peel off the wood. Paint peeling from wood is a sign that you need to inspect the area and take any necessary action.

Dry Rot Smell: This is the first sign that dry rot has occurred. Even though you may not be able to see the outbreak, the wood will smell rotten. This smell is caused by the fungus, which is invisible at the beginning. A smell is not required for the onset of decomposition. However, it would be an issue with dampness.

Step 2: Remove the rotten portion of the door

First, remove any rotting from your door frame using a wood chisel or hammer. You should not leave any part of the rot in the door, as it can cause further rotting.

For fixing the frame in the wall, use a large nail. You should take care of these nails and remove any rot. If necessary, you can use a Pry Bar to remove the nails. You can remove a screw or nail from the frame with a reciprocating tool.

Identify the source of the problem to help prevent it from happening again.

Step: 3 Coat wood rot hardener

After cleaning the rotten parts, apply the first light coat of wood hardener. Let dry completely. Do another coat with wood hardener.

The wood is protected by the double-coated wood hardener. It protects wood from moisture and fungi.

Step 4: Fill with Polyester wood

Mix the polyester filler well. Fill the rotten areas with a putty knife.

The wood filler is used to seal the space created by the removal of the rotted material. Make sure you choose a long-lasting wood filler. There are two types of wood fillers available on the market: pure wooden color and white. If you do not want to paint the entire door frame, then you should choose the wood filler of the color of your door frame.

Step 5: Smooth and Shape

When filling Polyester Wood, ensure that you are filling in the correct place.

When it is filled to the top, it can cause a bulge in the door frame. Make sure that the doors are properly opened and closed.

Fill in any bulges with wood filler. It can be removed from the hammer and cleaned in the shape of your frame. If there is any wood filler shortage, you can re-coat it and level it.

There are many types of wood fillers on the market. Some wood fillers dry in less time, while others take up to four hours. Hardeners can take up to eight hours to dry. Wood filler of good quality starts drying within 15-20 minutes.


To Repair Rotted Wood Garage Doors You have two options. Either hire an expert or do it yourself.

 To protect your eyes and your hands, it is a good idea to wear glasses before starting any work. Wood filler mixers with open arms are not recommended. It is possible to injure yourself if you use open arms.

 If you’re the repair technician of your door frame, make sure you cut only the right parts. A small mistake could cause the door frame to be replaced entirely.