Troubleshooting Commercial Garage Door Issues: Common Problems and Fixes

BH Door & Gate – Your Reliable Partner for Garage Door Repair Service in Rockwall, TX

In a bustling commercial setting, a well-functioning garage door is crucial for business operations. When issues arise, they can disrupt workflow and pose safety hazards. BH Door & Gate, your trusted source for garage door repair service in Rockwall, TX, is here to help you troubleshoot common commercial garage door problems and provide effective fixes.

Common Commercial Garage Door Problems

1. Slow or Inconsistent Opening/Closing

Sluggish operation can be caused by worn-out springs, damaged rollers, or misaligned tracks. Inspect these components for wear and tear and replace or realign as needed.

2. Unusual Noises

Excessive noise during operation can be a sign of loose hardware, damaged rollers, or inadequate lubrication. Tighten loose parts, replace damaged rollers, and regularly lubricate moving components.

3. Door Won’t Close Completely

If your garage door leaves a gap when closed, check for obstructions along the tracks or damaged weather seals. Clear obstructions and replace seals if necessary.

4. Remote Control or Keypad Malfunctions

Remote control or keypad issues can result from weak batteries, signal interference, or faulty wiring. Start by replacing batteries and ensuring there is no signal interference. If problems persist, consult a technician.

Troubleshooting Tips and Fixes

1. Regular Maintenance

Establish a routine maintenance schedule that includes lubricating moving parts, tightening hardware, and inspecting for wear and tear. Prevention is key to avoiding many common issues.

2. Sensor Alignment

Misaligned safety sensors can prevent the door from closing. Ensure sensors are properly aligned and free from debris or obstructions.

3. Track Cleaning

Clean the tracks regularly to prevent debris buildup that can impede smooth operation. Use a brush or compressed air to remove dirt and obstructions.

4. Testing Auto-Reverse Feature

Ensure your garage door’s auto-reverse safety feature is working correctly. Place an object in the door’s path to test if it reverses when obstructed.

When to Seek Professional Help

While some commercial garage door issues can be resolved with DIY efforts, it’s essential to involve a professional technician when:

  • Dealing with electrical or wiring problems.
  • Facing spring or cable issues, as these can be dangerous.
  • Experiencing recurring issues despite troubleshooting efforts.


A smoothly functioning commercial garage door is essential for the efficient operation of your business. With regular maintenance and proper troubleshooting, you can address common problems and minimize downtime. BH Door & Gate, your reliable partner for garage door repair service in Rockwall, TX, is here to assist with any commercial garage door issues you encounter.